All are cordially invited to join us for any and all Divine Services of Holy Week.

Mon     April 10 – Holy Monday        6:30 PM          Presanctified Liturgy
Tues     April 11 – Holy Tuesday        9:00 AM          Bridegroom Matins
Tues     April 11 – Holy Tuesday        6:30 PM          Presanctified Liturgy
Wed    April 12 – Holy Wednesday   9:00 AM          Bridegroom Matins
Wed    April 12 – Holy Wednesday   6:30 PM          Holy Unction Service
Thurs   April 13 - Holy Thursday        9:00 AM          Vesperal Liturgy
Thurs   April 13 – Holy Thursday       6:30 PM           Holy Fri Matins/Passion Gospels
Thurs   April 13-  Holy Thursday        8:00 PM          Setting Up of Tomb
Friday  April 14 – Holy Friday           11:00AM         Royal Hours of Holy Friday
Friday  April 14 – Holy Friday           7:00PM           Holy Friday Vespers/Procession With Holy Shroud
Friday April 14 – Holy Friday            8:30 PM          Confessions
Sat      April 15 - Holy Saturday         9:00AM          Vesperal Liturgy of Holy Saturday
Sat      April 15 -    Holy Saturday         8:30PM       Nocturnes & Resurrection Matins
Sun     April 16-     Holy Pascha (Easter) 9:30AM     Divine Liturgy   Blessing of Paschal Foods at Shrine and  Outdoor Fellowship

Confessions are available by appointment  Holy Monday - Holy Thursday (Prior to Passion Gospel Service) Click Here To Schedule