Message From Fr. Peter

Christ is In Our Midst!

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

As I am writing this week’s message, we are earnestly preparing for our 5th Annual Pierogi Fest.

As a newcomer to the parish, I am amazed at the incredible amount of work it takes to prepare for this much awaited event which has grown exponentially over the past few years.

I am amazed as well at the incredible response to our social media campaign on Facebook. Over 13,000 people are interested in attending, and as of the moment 888 people have committed to attending. Not only that, many are engaging in discussion on the Pierogi Fest Event Page. It is fun to see the comments, how much people like our pierogies, and their wanting to know every detail about the Fest. Some have even asked if they could camp out overnight to get the best spot in line! Others are in love with the little Pierogi men and are hoping they will race each other again. I am excited for the day to begin and to witness first hand the experience of so many entering our church property and appreciating our labors of love over the past 4 months in making our pierogies.

I am also thinking, as I prepare for this event, how wonderful it would be if 13,000 people plus were interested in attending an even more festive and joyous occasion, the heavenly banquet that takes place each Sunday and Holy Day in the Divine Liturgy. Imagine people wanting to camp out the night before to get a good seat in Church to meet, not the Pierogi Man, but our Lord Jesus Christ, and eat not Pierogies but the Manna from Heaven, the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ.

You see, what a wonderful potential our parish has in terms of community visibility, th beauty of our Church and parish complex, our many young families, and loving, hard working Parish Stewards. I ask all of us this weekend to pray, and seek the Lord’s guidance how to harness this potential and work to grow our parish, and expand our ministry to those who are hungering and thirsting for Holy Orthodoxy… but just don’t know it yet.

I thank everyone who labored so hard for the Pierogi Fest from the bottom of my heart and wish you God’s choicest Blessings.

Until next week,

With Love in Christ,
Fr. Peter