Paschal Greetings From Fr. Peter

On behalf of  Pani Carol, Daniel, Timothy and myself, I would like to thank you all for your cards, gifts, prayers and best wishes on the Feast of the Lord’s Holy Resurrection. .  We wish all of God’s choicest blessings on the entire Holy Ghost Parish Family on this great Feast day  and offer our sincere thanks to…..

Our  Parish Choir and Cantors for leading the singing of the Holy Week and Paschal Services with your angelic voices.  We all felt as if we were standing in Heaven.

Our parish altar servers for their faithful service to our church throughout the year.

Our dedicated Church School teachers for their labors in educating our youth.

The members of  Junior and Sr ACRY for all of the good works they do for the benefit of our Church and the local community.

Our culinary ministry team for their hard work throughout the year making our delicious food for sale, to support our parish.

The members of our parish council, and our church sexton, for all that they do to oversee the day to day operation of our parish and all of their unselfish labors for God’s glory.

Our  many parish children who bring joy to our hearts seeing their happiness in being in the Lord’s house at Divine Liturgy.

Our parishioners and friends for  donating Easter lillies poinsettias, candles and other liturgical items. Your special intentions of loved ones, living and departed have beautified our Church for the  Resurrection of  Our Lord.   

And finally each and every member of our parish family  for the many unseen acts of kindness, service and love offered in the name of  our Lord and Saviour to our parish and our local community. 

May The Joy Of  Pascha Remain In All Of Our Hearts Throughout The Year!