Live Stream of Divine Services


Please Watch Live Stream From Christ the Saviour Cathedral beginning at 9 am by CLICKING HERE

Or Watch the National ACRY Convention Hierarchical Liturgy beginning at 9 am on Facebook by  CLICKING HERE

Keeping Connected To The Church

To  help keep us connected to the life giving Liturgical Life of the Church during the Covid 19 (Corona Virus) Pandemic, ALL of our Divine Services and Adult Ed Classes will be live-streamed. 

Links to Texts for the various Divine Services are provided below. 

Faithful are kindly asked to participate fully, by following along the service with provided texts  (see below)  standing/ kneeling/ sitting, etc as one would do at Church. 

Broadcast Instructions:

ATTENTION:  To start the broadcast you must click on the red arrow on the screen. The broadcast stream will begin at approximately 5-10 minutes before the posted starting time of the service. If the broadcast is not live, simply refresh the page. A red light at the bottom of the screen will indicate when the stream is live.

This service allows people with slower internet speeds to enjoy the broadcast as well. While it should automatically select the highest quality your internet service can stream, you may select the desired quality up to full HD (1080) by clicking on the round settings button on the bottom right corner of the video screen.

Select full screen mode by clicking on the  button at the far bottom right corner of the screen.

Daily Service Schedule
Pierogi Fest Sale
Oct 1 8:30 am
Oct 1 5 pm
6th Hour
Oct 2 9 am
Divine Liturgy
Oct 2 9:30 am
Oct 5 5:15 pm
Paska Bread Baking Workshop
Oct 6 10 am
Oct 8 10 am

Divine Service Texts

Prayers For Coronavirus From Metropolitan Gregory (PDF Format)

Prayer In Time of Coronavirus (PDF Format)
Courtesy of The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA

Moleben to the Mother of God

Prayer to The Mother of God In Time of Coronavirus

Evening Prayers
As Taken From "Come To Me Prayer Book"
Published by the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of North America

Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom 
As served in the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of North America

Great Vespers For Saturday Evenings Without Litya
As served in the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of North America

Presanctified Liturgy (PDF Format)*
As served in the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of North America

Liturgical Texts

Saturday Vespers Propers - Seventh Sunday of  Pascha - May 31, 2020

Liturgy Propers - Seventh Sunday of Pascha - May 31, 2020

Liturgical Texts Propers -Holy Week

Holy Thursday Passion Gospel Service (PDF Format)  ( As Served At Holy Ghost Orthodox Church) 

12 Gospel Readings for Holy Thursday Passion Gospel Service (PDF Format)

Holy Friday Vespers & Placing of Shroud in the Tomb  (PDF Format)

Resurrection Service  Part 1 -  Noctures- Removal of Shroud Service (PDF Format)

Resurrection Service Part 2 -  Matins (PDF Format)

Liturgical Propers and Scripture Readings for Paschal Divine Liturgy (PDF Format) 

Prayers for Blessing of Paschal Foods (PDF Format)